Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roblox News Duck Hunt 2013

It may have come to many of your attention, that ROBLOX News is hosting a Duck Hunt this year; we're hosting it for an experiment; to see whether people prefer eggs or ducks and such. Roblox News Duck Hunt 2013 is scheduled for completion at the end of today or tomorrow. I am confident that many people will like it because there will be a long time to find ducks and you will constantly be able to receive ducks, the Duck Hunt will be open for 4 months.
Roblox News Duck Hunt 2013 ALPHA_Image
Currently, pre-order is available on the torch; I would pre-order it now before it ups. Click here to view. Many of you can give me feedback when the game is in completion, just post a comment in the comments section below the game on it's page. The Duck Hunt can be found here.

I plan on releasing the Duck Hunt when I have twenty ducks; as always, you can give me suggestions in the comments section below or you can personal message 'RNDuckHunt' your suggestion.

I hope you're all excited to catch some ducks, I'm currently adding the finishing touches, and rare ducks will make quack sounds my dear friend, they will.